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Come Hell or High Water will screen in Dallas at the "Race Flicks" festival and special events in CA, DC, NC, SC, WV

"Battle for Turkey Creek" leader named for Robert Bullard Environmental Justice Award

Dr. Bullard will present the award to Rose Johnson on November 21

American Film Showcase 2014

Bringing independent American documentaries to audiences around the world. Find out later this year where Come Hell or High Water will travel.


Come Hell or High Water: The Battle for Turkey Creek follows the painful but inspiring journey of Derrick Evans, a Boston teacher who moves home to coastal Mississippi when the graves of his ancestors are bulldozed to make way for the sprawling city of Gulfport. Over the course of a decade, Derrick and his neighbors stand up to powerful corporate interests and politicians and face ordeals that include Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil disaster in their struggle for self-determination and environmental justice.

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Bay Area Screening Series Celebrates Rose Johnson & Robert Bullard Environmental Justice Award

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Three Bay Area screenings of Come Hell or High Water celebrate ROSE JOHNSON, an important voice in the film and the recipient of the Sierra Club’s 2014 Robert Bullard Environmental Justice Award for her work to protect Turkey Creek. Event co-sponsors include the…

Always Remember: August 29, 2005

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I posted this 2005 email on my Facebook page today and then thought I would share it here. The documentary that took me another eight years to make is airing again tomorrow night on WORLD Channel stations. And until Sept. 24 you can find...

“Battle for Turkey Creek” leader Rose Johnson named for national award

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From the Come Hell or High Water newsletter – please read  & subscribe. Dear friends, I’m delighted to tell you Rose Johnson has been named the first recipient of the Sierra Club’s Robert Bullard Environmental Justice Award. Rose is an important voice in Come Hell…

Encore Broadcast August 26 Marks Hurricane Katrina

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From the Come Hell or High Water newsletter – please read  & subscribe. August air dates Come Hell or High Water will air on the WORLD Channel series America ReFramed on Tues. Aug. 26th at 8 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. CT / 5 p.m….